The course is a 7km "out and back". Depending on your distance, you will do multiple loops of this course.
Take a sneak-peek here:
Midday start: 14km | 21.1km | 42.195km

6:00am start: 14km | 21.1km | 42.195km | 56km
8:00am start: 400 metre heats
9:00am start: 120 metre Maidenwell Gift Heats
9:30am start: 2.2km run/walk
1:00pm start: 400 metre final
1:30pm start: 120 metre Maidenwell Gift Final
2:00pm start: Beer and champagne miles

6:00am start: 14km | 21.1km | 42.195km 
7:00am start: 10km start
8:30am start: 5km run/walk
9:30am start: 2.2km run/walk start

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